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Stress, Hormones and Fertility with Nat Kringoudis

Episode Summary

In today's episode, we dive into the world of women's hormone health and fertility with Nat Kringoudis, a renowned expert in the field, bestselling author, podcaster, and holistic health mentor. Nat's mission is clear: to empower women to reclaim control over their hormone health, leaving behind the stress, confusion, and disappointment to instead embrace the love and care their bodies deserve.

Episode Notes

Nat's approach combines the wisdom of traditional Chinese medicine with modern evidence-based practices and technology, offering a unique and holistic perspective on women's health. Through transformative courses and insightful resources, she equips women with the knowledge to understand and optimise their hormonal well-being.

As the founder of The Pagoda Tree, a Chinese medicine and acupuncture fertility clinic, Nat has authored bestsellers like "Beautiful You" and "Well & Good", and is actively involved in various ventures including the fertility tracking device Daysy and the foodceuticals brand M-Body.

In this episode, we cover a wide array of topics including the interplay between stress hormones and sex hormones, debunking common myths surrounding hormone health, and practical tips for reducing stress and balancing hormones starting today. This episode is a goldmine of information for any woman seeking a deeper understanding of her body and hormones, and a desire to take charge of her health like never before.

This episode is for women ready to understand their hormones and bodies deeply, empowering their health, hormones, and lives like never before. Packed with facts, insights, and resources, it jumpstarts your journey to better hormone health today.

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